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Dean Pic

DJ Dean (born as Martin Schmidt October 25, 1976 in Hamburg, Germany) is a German Euro-Trance/Hard Trance DJ, producer, and current, longtime resident DJ of the Tunnel techno club in Hamburg, Germany. He is also an artist of the German trance label Tunnel Records, which has released successful trance/hard trance compilations under the Tunnel Trance Force and DJ Networx franchises. DJ Dean's success began in 1992, at age 17, when he became well known in Hamburg's club scene with the music styles

Victor F.

Victor F.! Very big Talent of Trance Music and electronic Sounds. He was born in Belarus and live there in Grodno. The first Release of Dean Beatz is on March with his Miracle EP!

Madness M.

Madness M. as the name suggests is crazy, smart and brutal. It all started with the G- Move - Hamburg in 1999. He was amazed how the DJs put the records on the trucks and wanted to do it himself. At the end of 2010 that wasn't enough for him and started to pro- duce his own tracks and studied audio mastering and engineering at the University of Hamburg. In 2013 the time had come and the first own single "Madness M. - Before you die" was released on Tunnel Records. Now finally his first EP is r

Chrys Ruff

Chrys Ruff has been an excellent producer for many years! In the past he was known under his "C-Bass" alias. He was the producer of several music tracks from the famous Tunnel Records label. After a longer break from his musicality he´s back with a driving tune! His new track is out in february on DeanBeatz! Don´t miss it!

Juls Wriede

Juls Wriede is the Techno specialist by Dean Beatz. Progressive and Energetic Sounds makes his Sound unique! Check him out!

DJ Trackstar Pic

DJ TrackStar, of polish origin turns tables since 1998. TrackStar practiced at his turntables for hours an hours to find his own style; soon he put the heat on the audience at parties by playing finest Trance and Progressive. These days he likes Progressive Trance, Techno, Hardtrance and Hardstyle the best.

Bastian Basic

Bastian Basic startet his Career at the late 90´s! After some Gig´s in Hamburg and other City´s ,he growing up to a resident DJ at Tunnel Club Hamburg. After many Shows he starts to producing. Many of fantastic Tracks and Remixes he released on Tunnel Records.

Martin Tyler

Martin Tyler from the Czech Republic celebrates his first release on Dean Beatz with his song „Memories“. Finest trance souns with a really fat hook line that will make you fly.

Thomas Llyod

German DJ and producer Thomas Lloyd is back with his E.P. Colors of Trance. With Colors of Trance, Thomas wants to show how energetic, powerful and varied trance music can be.

Olsson Projects

Olsson Projects is coming from north Germany. The Sound of Olsson Projects it´s a kind between classical Hardtrance and modern Trance. We love it!


A.M. is a new Trance Talent from the North Side of Germany. He´s first Single comes out in March on Dean Beatz.

Beat & Voice

Beat & Voice is a North German based Trance Project by Andy Heron and Chris Refresh. They come together in 2013 and started to make music in 2015. First releases followed pretty soon. Until today the two guys from Lübeck have released on big players in the Scene like AVA, Ablazing, Suanda to name only a few. Their signature sound is full of energy and emotions, which they also transfer into their DJ Sets where they have a wide range from Progressive to Uplifting, from Melodic to Tech Trance.

Sabrina Kowalski

Sabrina Kowalski is a new Techno Star with very special Beat. Sabrina comes from East Side of Germany Thüringen. Her Sound is Peak TimeTechno with dark Vibes. The first Release "I have this Vison" coming out at October 2022 on Dean Beatz!

Audio Forces

Audio Forces is a German Hardstyle / Hands up Producer with excellent Soundquality.

Van Houze & Sven Kuhlmann

This both Guys are specialist of House Music and Electronic Sounds. They give Dean a really successful House Mix of Balla Nation 2021. They got many Streams more, than the other Mixes. Stay tuned for more Releases and Remixes from this Team!

Cane & Daywalker Cover

Cane and Daywalker know each other already for over 20 years when they wnet to school together. They always shared the passion for trance music together and they always said one day we gonna produce a track together. Now it finally happened after all those year. Check out the first single „Northern Sunset“ and watch out for more!

Claas Pic for my Site

Claas Inc. Started his DJ career in Wilhelmshaven in 1994. The first appearances in Hamburg and Hannover followed as early as 1996. Countless gigs followed throughout Europe. In 2021, Claas took over the Hamburg "We Love Trace". Also in 2021, the first releas was created in cooperation with Thomas Gatzka... many more will follow! (I am very happy to underline my attachment to Hamburg through a releas on DeanBeatz)

Ibiza Tunes

We are DennisTheMenace & Fab-O-Mat who are two DJ's from Hamburg, Germany. In the late 90s we started mixing and producing electronic music but after 15 years of club experience and countless events, we needed a break. In 2019, we decided to revive our passion for music and use our more than 25 years of music & DJ experience to found our new project "Ibiza Tunes" in publishing videos, mixes, livestreams and music productions.

Pad X.

Trance Alliance concists of two counties, UK and Germany. Together and with love for the old Hardtrance Music. DJ 187 & DJ Pad X. have joined forces to bring the old Hardtrance back to life!


Trance Alliance concists of two counties, UK and Germany. Together and with love for the old Hardtrance Music. DJ 187 & DJ Pad X. have joined forces to bring the old Hardtrance back to life!

DIno Massimo

„Remember we play together“. Beat & Voice joined forces with Dino Massimo to put their hands on the legendary Track “Lost in Love” by Legend B. Together the three guys created an updated Hardtrance Banger with a massive drop. Put your rave shoes on and dance like it´s 1994.

Trust C.

Trust C. is a German Harder Styles DJ and Producer. After many remixes in the hands-up genre, Lübeck-born DJ Trust C. decided to take a harder route, resulting in CITY LIGHTS. Through the mixture of a euphoric melody and driving Hardstyle kicks, Trust C. was finally able to realize his first single on Dean Beatz. . With remixes by DJ Dean, Inside Visage and DJ Texx.

Mr. Gof Pic

Mr. Gof's artist career began in 1996 and since that day he was roaming through a large number of North German clubs and other events such as Nature One or Alarmstufe Rot Festival. In 2010 he made a continental leap to South India, where he frequently plays his dynamic sets in front of an euphoric audience at various cities and locations. Free according to the slogan "Just feel free!". Since his musical spectrum covers a wide range, he is almost universally applicable. Furthermore he got a coupl

Rainer K.

Rainer K returns to Dean Beatz with a original release after his remix of Balla Nation, which was also featured on latest D.Trance compilation. This EP contains three tracks from Estonian producer, which shows his passion for late 90's and early 00's sound.

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